Machine Meditation – Mindfulness Tech

A mind machine is a personal electronic device that uses pulsing light and sound stimulation. The claim is this stimulation can guide you into a number of altered mind states. These are also known as meditation machines and audio visual systems (AVS). Claims like “achieve meditation states with ease” and “pure psychedelic entertainment” are a red flag for me.

What do you think? Are these gadgets going to help or hinder a meditation practice? I would love to hear from people who have tried some of these devices. I call bullshit. If you want to meditate find a good teacher or instruction guide and get to it on your own. Develop the skill for yourself. Even if these machines do help with meditation you are better off being unburdened by the need for a device. There is no short cut as much as we always want to find one.

The Best Mind Machines on the Market?
Mindplace Kasina Mind Media System has good reviews on Amazon. You can pick it up for abut $400.