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#VanLife – Instagram Trend or Viable Housing Option?

People are leaving their homes behind for a rent/mortgage free life on the road. A millennial twist on a lifestyle once reserved for only your weirdest of uncles. Photos tagged #Vanlife are a buzz on Social media. A trending variety of sharp looking and well-equipped vans in picturesque locations. Even young couples are teaming up to live the dream and overcome the challenges it brings. Problems like how to make avocado toast without a toaster and where to pee after drinking all that coconut water. All the while catching the best moments for Instagram.

Vanlife Customs can build you a Gram worthy Van

Jokes aside a van as home can be fun and rewarding. I lived in a Dodge Sport Conversion Van for a time. It wasn’t cool unless you mean cold but I made some great memories.

Your cell data will go up, you will likely eat out way more, and you’ll probably be showering in a lot of gyms but you just might have the time of your life.

Ready to get that #Vanlife? If you want to do it cheap then DIY is the way to go. Check out this DIY Sprinter Van conversion: