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“Meh… Not a Namaste Guy” – Larry David in Hot Yoga

In a recent episode of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Larry David takes heat from his hot yoga teacher when he doesn’t “Namaste” with the other Yogis at the end of class.

When people challenge the mystical language around yoga, meditation and religion it’s cool. Words like karma, nirvana, zen, nibbana, enlightenment, Jesus. These words are great sometimes, depends who’s saying them. I love the word Zen because its nice to say, nice to hear, it looks nice. Lots of reasons. That’s probably why we see it so much in advertising.

I don’t like saying Namaste very much. I associate it with young Canadian women leading Yoga classes who are not all that different from the character in this clip. The prayer hands (Anjali) not as annoying. Lets face it though it’s often nothing more than spiritual hooha in a glorified fitness class. Have you ever witnessed a teacher pressure someone one to Namaste like she does in this clip?

I’m a certified yoga teacher which I am qualified to tell you means F**k all.

I’ll do the Anjali hands at the end of class but don’t usually say Namaste. Well done Larry!