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How I Quit Smoking for Good and Enjoyed it

If you want to quit smoking for good and enjoy it then take these simple steps:

  • Generate a positive desire in your heart for freedom from the habit of smoking.
  • Stop smoking immediately. Right now.
  • Learn a simple breath meditation.

Sit at least 15 minutes in the next 24 hours. For the first week up to 60 minutes a day if it feels right but it’s crucial to set a time and sit completely still through to the end. Be determined to sit through discomfort in meditation and then you can immediately apply the experience to cigarette cravings. Each time you beat the craving there will be positive rush and before long no more cravings. Learn the skill from a good instructor. Body sweeping and anapanasati are great techniques that will allow you to release the burden of a smoking habit.

  • Don’t drink alcohol or smoke substances
  • Be determined
  • Apply consistent effort

You can stop meditating once you feel the cravings have stopped for a few months at least. Chances are you wont want to.

Instructions on breath meditation


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